A Guide to Surviving Chicago's Cold Winters

Your furnace is not designed to keep up in this weather!

HVAC tips for sub-zero temperatures

Experts are predicting that record sub-zero temperatures this weekend and we encourage everyone to take caution and stay safe. Reminder - your heating systems are NOT designed to overcome -10 temperatures and the temperature in your homes may drop. If your house starts to drop in temperature, it will not be able to bring the temperature back up. These temperatures are just too cold to overcome.

The good news? There are things you can do to help! Below are a few tips to help during these sub-zero temperatures.

1) If you haven’t changed your filter recently, do it now! A dirty filter impedes the proper operation of your furnace and will make it work even harder, which can cause a breakdown

2) If you have a programmable thermostat – do not use the programming option. Before the cold weather hits, pick a temperature that you will be comfortable with and press the “HOLD” button. Make sure it’s not too high or the furnace will constantly be running to keep up.

3) Check your carbon monoxide detectors and thermostat batteries.

4) Ensure that your radiators and/or vents are free and clear of any obstructions.

5) Minimize opening outside doors as much as possible.

6) Turn on ceiling fans at a slow speed. They will help to push warm air down, making you more comfortable and lessening the load on your furnace.

7) Boil large pots of water or make soup – DO NOT USE YOUR OVEN FOR HEAT.

8) If you have faucets on exterior walls, leave water trickling to prevent frozen pipes. It is also good to leave cabinet doors under sinks open so that heat can get to the pipes easier.

9) If you have a high efficiency furnace, go outside and look for the 1 or 2 pipes coming out of the house. Make sure they are clear of any obstructions or snow.

We hope this list provides you with some assistance during these sub-zero temperatures. Stay warm and please check on the elderly friends and neighbors throughout these lower temperatures.

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