EXTREME Heat Wave and How to Handle It

EXTREME CHICAGOLAND TEMPERATURES -- For the next week or longer, the area will be experiencing extreme high temperatures and humidity. This prolonged extreme heat is difficult for your air conditioner as HVAC equipment was NOT designed for temperatures this high. If the temperatures rise in your home, it will NOT BE ABLE to recover until the outside temperatures drop and the heat/humidity diminishes.
Things to remember:

  1. The extreme heat will not damage your unit but it will cause your AC to run continuously.
  2. Your AC is designed to keep your home 20 degrees cooler than the weather outside. Turning down your thermostat will not make it blow colder air. Set the thermostat to the temperature you want to achieve and leave it set there.
  3. All homes will struggle to maintain temperature and the temperature WILL rise during the hottest parts of the day while the air conditioning system is working at full capacity
  4. One easy way to check and see if your AC is working properly? Check your vents and see if cold air is coming from them. If it’s cold, it’s working.
  5. Once outdoor temperatures cool down, your AC will begin to return to its regular cycle and run less.

A few tips to keep your home cool:

  1. Take all programmable thermostats out of setback mode and set on a permanent HOLD. Make sure batteries have been recently replaced.
  2. Replace old filters with new.
  3. Keep garage doors closed, limit opening exterior doors.
  4. Make sure air vents are not blocked or obstructed.
  5. Keep shades and blinds closed, as your windows have the potential to let in more heat.

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