First Time Seller Regrets

Selling a home is one of the biggest transactions many people will make. We want to make the process smooth and get our clients top-dollar for their property. According to a Zillow survey of first-time home sellers, many of them had regrets about the process. It's our job as agents to help prevent this!

Here are three of the top regrets first-time home sellers reported:

  • Not pricing their home right. Most sellers think they should have priced their home higher. Everyone wants to sell their home for the most money, but sellers have to be realistic. Come prepared knowing the comps and outline your sales strategy so your sellers can be confident that they got the best price possible.
  • Poor listing quality. Nearly 40% of sellers thought better photos would have fetched a higher price for their home. Be sure that your listing photos and virtual tour videos are clear and present your client's property in the best possible light.
  • Lack of improvements. A majority of sellers do some home improvement projects before listing their homes. We can help clients maximize their renovation by sharing high ROI repairs or upgrades and reviewing neighborhood comps for insight into what buyers are looking for.

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