??FREE Women's Self Defense Workshop ??

This workshop will teach the principles of reality based self-defense. The goal is to encourage women to understand the foundation of defending themselves against an attack. While we will address the importance of awareness, as a habit for overall safety, you will be punching and kicking.

One critical skill that will be taught is how to get up quickly when knocked to the ground.

POW! has provided this training for various organizations like WOW!, Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts of America, etc...

The objective of this class is to build overall awareness and an understanding that self-defense requires fighting back! Our participants will leave with confidence that they will fight back against violence and the basic principles of self-defense.

Please wear long workout pants (i.e. yoga) and a top that covers your shoulders and midriff. Please bring a clean pair of athletic shoes to wear on our training floors.

* Please dress in workout/comfortable clothes.

* Please arrive at 6pm to fill out waiver.

* Parking is available behind the building with access to parking lot off of Jackson Blvd (lot shared with Extra Storage).

* Please bring a lock with you if you want to use a locker. Bags/Backpacks can not be on the training floor while training. Shelves and cubbies also available.

* Street shoes are not worn on our matted training floor. We suggest bringing a clean indoor shoe or train in your socks.

Katalin Rodriguez Ogren, Owner of POW! GYM Chicago is leading an introduction to self-defense. This class will provide a strategic perspective on reality-based self-defense, while teaching its participants some fundamental movements to improve safety. The continuum of violence is wide, participants will learn what is actually necessary in reality-based self-defense situations. This class is an introduction to the skills and training needed to fight back against an attacker. Everyone can participate at their own level, but It will include a lot of movement and requires everyone to be dressed in clothes suitable for a workout.


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