How Sellers Experienced the Market Shift launched a survey to ask how sellers handled the past year, from overheated competition to the early stages of a buyer’s market. Here are three major highlights of that detailed report:
  • 95% of sellers sold their property for more than they paid for it. Baby Boomers (who likely held their property for longer) saw the greatest share of equity.
  • 92% of sellers who sold in the past three months did accept concessions, reflecting the shift towards a more buyer-friendly market
  • 87% of surveyed sellers used an agent. Millennials were the most likely to engage an agent (92%), while Baby Boomers were the least likely (62%).

Our take

That second statistic comes as no surprise. The majority of sellers are accepting concessions these days. They understand that’s what it takes to close the deal! When you prepare as a sellers in advance, and understand exactly what your property is worth, everyone can leave the negotiation table happy.
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