Independence Day

Today we celebrate Independence Day in the U.S. Historically, this means we are celebrating freedom from tyranny and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Today, these words and this celebration are more important than ever for all of us. Women, men, future generations, the unborn, those with lungs. 

While our nation has become divided and too many people (the regular American and we all know, leaders) seem to be more concerned with winning, being perceived as the “right” or “ethical” party, and seeking control; our American democracy hangs on a thread. So let's look at the idea of this day, the democracy we all love, and the freedoms that it stands for.

Today we honor the right to live in a democracy, the right to choose and shape the country we want to be. We honor the dissent that is part of our patriotic history, that is truly who we are. A country who fought so hard for freedom- religious freedoms, the right to choose our future.  

At the heart of everything, I truly believe we have forgotten that conversations should bring us together. It seems that conversations have had the adverse effect, it has created anger at the other side of the political spectrum. We must fight this urge, and instead understand that different perspectives coming together is what our political system was built on. That's why we have more than one political party. To keep democracy, we must keep questioning our elected leaders, even if we voted to elect them. The questions ensure that the leaders are acting for the people, making decisions that benefit  the people. We, as Americans and patriots, should share in debates instead of shying away from them. The purpose of a debate is to share ideas and thoughts so that we can understand one another and come together for solutions that work for the people.

True conversations are arrived at with a willingness to listen, an openness to receive and embrace, and a genuine response and where required a loving rebuke. True conversations happen with humility and love, supportive and encouraging growth. We hold conversations through engaging with each other authentically.

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