‘Living’ to help make your home your happy place

Are you dreaming about a fresh start in a new rental or home in 2023, or just wanting to glow up your space for the new year? 

If so, Realtor.com® is here to not only help you find your new place, but to also help inspire and elevate your home and lifestyle. We recently launched Living – a new addition to the already informative real estate news and home improvement content available on Realtor.com’s News & Insights. Each week on Living we’ll bring you actionable advice with a dash of inspiration designed to help you make the most out of your space. 

The new Living section features engaging home and lifestyle articles from Realtor.com and our partners on an array of topics, including Setting Up Home, Cleaning & Organizing, Design & DIY, Pro Tips, Personal Finance, and Shopping, making it fun and easy for you to find advice and ideas that inspire your next home project or transformation. You’ll find timely, new articles with best-of design advice; useful tips, tricks and how-tos; and plenty of inspiration for creating a smart, comfortable, and stylish home – all alongside our proven real estate expertise. 

If you are planning to buy this year, Living also includes a Down Payment Diaries series, providing first-hand accounts of buying a home down to every dollar. Read stories of how recent homebuyers saved to buy their home, the highs and lows of their buying journey, and any hard-earned lessons along the way. Not only will their stories engage and entertain you, we think they offer a great way to learn about the homebuying process. 

You can explore some of Living’s most popular new articles below:

All the real estate advice and home and lifestyle content you need is in one place, and it’s delivered by a resource you already know and trust.

If you’re planning to buy or selling your house, work with a real estate professional so you have the expert insights you need to make the best possible move today and we would love to assist, please fill out the form below.


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