Thinking of Seilling This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is here!

The hustle and bustle of hosting, shopping, cooking and more can be hard to stay on top of for the next month or so – especially if you’re currently trying to sell your home. If you’re bypassing the naughty or nice list for the housing list, we’ve got tips for staging your home this season.

Stage Your Home Nicely, But Don’t Go Overboard.

Homes genuinely show nicely in the holiday season. Potential buyers in these months are typically more serious and ready to make a move than in the spring and summer whirlwind – so playing up the sentimental value of the season can work to your benefit.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recommends making your decorations count from the entry to the exit. Dress up your doorstep with a wreath and planter, but leave behind the Clark Griswold light display. While a few touches radiate nostalgia, going overboard can be distracting and make potential homebuyers wonder about damage to the exterior. 

The NAR also recommends highlighting the fireplace if your home has one, some garland and natural greens can play up the spaces in your home without overpowering them. Remember, the goal is to help potential buyers envision entertaining their own family and friends in the space. Show them how it can be used without adding in too many personal touches.

Lean into the cozy atmosphere.

It’s cold and dreary outside – give your potential buyers a cozy reprieve! Warm lights, neutral colors and holiday aromatics (think vanilla or cinnamon!) are a great way to cozy up your space without alarming the senses. 

It’s also good to keep the temperature in mind. Is there anything better than walking into a warm home after being in the Chicagoland wind? If you have one, set the fireplace. If not, consider offering warm refreshments such as cookies or cider to pull the picture together.

Rely on your agent.

The holidays are chaotic for everyone. Your agent knows how to get your listing from the market to closed and is here to help. As you worry about cooking the turkey and presents and everything in between, your agent will work hard to find potential buyers and keep everything on track. That way you can be the host while your agent does the most. If you’re trying to sell your home this holiday season – let’s talk.


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