Why 85% of homeowners are “locked-in”

The pandemic’s historically-low interest rates have created an interesting phenomena called the “locked-in” effect. As interest rates spike to the highest level since 2008 (with the most recent Fed hike coming just Wednesday, up 0.75%), more homeowners are opting to keep their home and their lower interest rate. According to recording companies:

-A full 85% of homeowners with a mortgage have a rate of less than 6%

-New listings were down 19% in early September

Our take

We can’t blame these homeowners for staying put. It makes complete sense. This is why we always try to keep a list of homes for off-market listings in prime areas. Regardless of this data, we think everybody has a price. If you just knock on the right door or cold call the right number, you never know what might happen!



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