Over the last decade, technology evolved at a break-neck pace, and consumer behavior has changed just as quickly as we adopt and adapt to the latest innovations.

The same is true of real estate consumers. Today’s buyers and sellers are adept at using technology, from smart phones to social media, and this familiarity with the latest tech has dramatically impacted the home buying and selling processes.

Think of it this way: In 2001, only 8% of buyers found the home they purchased online. Today, OVER 80% of all buyers found the home they eventually purchased online (according to NAR). For us as real estate agents, this shift means buyers and sellers' expectations of us have changed as well.

More than one-third of all sellers interviewed said they wanted help marketing or finding a buyer for their home. In the old way of doing things, “marketing” a home meant putting it in the MLS, placing a sign in the yard, and praying that it sold. That no longer cuts it…

Before our listings hit the MLS, we conduct a series of activities to generate a buzz about the home and to make sure the home gets found online. 

This is our “launch campaign,” in marketing speak. We utilize state of the art digital marketing techniques to get your property in front of not just hundreds of thousands people, we get them directly to those we have identified through their behavior as likely to buy your home. We’re not just Realtors, we’re Digital Marketing Experts.